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Our Industry

There is a growing segment of hot rodding that redefines performance.

Demand for old muscle cars is at an all-time high. As a result of the popular “Pro-Touring” build style – which promoted comprehensive modification rather than just focusing on one element like acceleration – Pro-Touring enthusiasts are eager to adapt modern technology, and will spare no expense to maximize every facet of their vehicle: acceleration, braking, handling, style, comfort, and safety.

By far the best way to reach this growing market of loyal, hardcore enthusiasts – most of which are high end buyers and builders willing to spare no expense to build the ultimate Pro-Touring ride – is by advertising on

Our Site

Get seen on the pre-eminent Pro-Touring community online.

For over 20 years, has enduringly had a profound influence on hot rodding by nurturing a friendly and loyal “Car Club” atmosphere. has been featured or has been mentioned in Popular Hot Rodding, Camaro Performers, Hot Rod, GM High-Tech Performance, Car Craft, Chevy High Performance, Grassroots Motorsports and many others.

Enthusiasts/Hotrodders come here to get information & guidance at key parts of their build – be there for them when the buying decision counts.

Our Audience

Our members & visitors come here for a purpose that aligns with your brand.

Visitors from around the world (but overwhelmingly focused in the US) visit & participate on daily to inquire about and share their wisdom (and recommendations!) on product selection, installation, and usage.

Brand loyalty is handed down from experienced members to novices, and the ads people see daily make an impression when the buying decision time comes – be sure your brand is represented when & where it counts.

Our members show off their builds in intricate details – often listing out every single part they put in to their awesome rides (with over 6,000 build threads with nearly a quarter million updates and counting!). Advertising to them not only gets you in their cars, but in the minds of the people who read about them later!

On top of the intense loyalty, enduring camaraderie, and exactly targeted context-specific nature of our community, boasts greater circulation than many magazines. Due to low production costs, our advertising rates are a fraction of those offered by traditional print media.

We’ve Built a Special Community

They’re Involved

Our community has well over a million posts, from over 60 thousand members, and growing by the day.

They’re Engaged

We get hundreds of thousands of page views a month, with industry-leading time-on-site metrics.

They’re Local

Our traffic is over 80% US-based (followed by Canada, Australia, France, and the UK).

They’re Home

More than 20 years of trust built up & relationships forged as the pre-eminent Pro-Touring community.

We’re on their minds


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Registered Members

…And you can be on their minds too

Stacy Tucker

Detroit Speed & Engineering

“Advertising on has driven new customers and increased traffic to our website. This increased website traffic has lead to additional sales for Detroit Speed and Engineering. Advertising on is definitely worth the money.”

Theresa Antell

American Autowire

“I have to tell you that your site has remained a steady third place referral site for us!

Only Google and Yahoo are ahead of you… thanks for the traffic! We’re loving it!”

With Advertising Options That Suit You

…And you can be on their minds too,
with advertising options that suit you

Display Advertising

Have your banner (animated or still) displayed at strategic locations across the site – large or small.

Section Sponsorship

Appear prominently alongside the specific content topics that align perfectly with your product or service.

Inline Textual Ads

Have specific keywords of your choice throughout the forum link directly to your website, automatically.

Vendor Directory Listings

Highlight your company as a vendor of choice in our new categorized preferred vendor directory. (Coming 2024)

Newsletter Sponsorship

Get in front of tens of thousands of subscribers by being featured in our monthly newsletter.

Social Media Promotions

Build brand & product awareness while driving traffic to your site – with boost options available.

Plus additional advertiser perks & benefits

We take care of our advertisers like we take care of our community – because they’re one and the same.

When you advertise on, you also get:

Extra Free Advertising

Exclusive right to promote products and services in the “Advertisers Specials & Group Purchases” section

Enhanced Community Recognition

Site Sponsor designation on the forums to show your status as a sponsor & vendor, turning every post you make (or have ever made) on the forums into an extra advertising opportunity that’s visible on Google & searchable on the forums, forever, for free.

Bonuses You Don’t Expect

We value your business & your trust – and put our money where our mouths are! From time to time, we surprise advertisers with extra ad-related bonuses.

Limited Time Offer: All advertisers will receive free inclusion in our Vendor Directory (launching 2024) for one category when purchasing any new ad package (for new/returning advertisers) or renewing (for existing advertisers) for the duration of the advertising term (up to 1 year). Enhanced listing options (including multiple categories) are available separately. This offer is valid for as long as this message appears on this page.

A Constant Focus on ROI

We’ve got even more perks coming soon (2024) – to keep getting you the best ROAS for your advertising investment!

Advertising on Works!

Carl Casanova


“There’s a reason I keep renewing our advertising on – it works!

VaporWorx’s increased exposure to the Pro-Touring community by advertising on has been pivotal in our success. We’ve tried other advertising options, and while that’s still necessary, nothing compares to the direct access we get through to the exact customers our products are designed for.

I could not ask for a better demographic match, and the results reflect it!”

Paul M. Clark

Hydratech Braking Systems

Advertising with has been able to put us directly in touch with our target customers, immediately increasing our direct sales to the tune of at least 25% additional sales!

With an average of over 10-15 new members registering daily, and almost twice that in new visitors, we have become very accustomed to hearing “We saw you on” when customers call in.

If you are even remotely interested in advertising, know that dollar for dollar you can’t do any better anywhere else – period!

We know what you’re thinking

With nearly 25 years on the internet, we’ve worked with a lot of brands. Here are answers to some common questions (and we’re always available to answer more):

When does my campaign go live?

Our advertising rates for on-site advertising are for full calendar months, and available in three, six, or twelve month packages.

Ads go live on the 1st of the next calendar month after purchase (and we work with you to make sure we have all assets in advance of that). If you require your ads to go live in advance of that (e.g. to coincide with a campaign, sale, etc.), we can arrange an earlier start date upon request at an additional cost. If you require your ads to start later, and want to book out our ad inventory in advance, let us know and we can accommodate a future start date.

Social media promotions are more flexible in their dates depending on overall campaign goals and our posting schedule, and our newsletter goes out on the first Tuesday of every month (which you are able to reserve for either a specific month in the future, or the next available slot for your sponsorship type, depending on availability).

What can I advertise?

In order to maintain the integrity of our advertising offering to the niche audience served by, we require all advertising to be automotive-related. We reserve the right to refuse ads with questionable content, and to cancel ads that don’t link to their intended URL or that redirect to questionable content.

In short: if you’re trying to sell car things to car guys (and gals, and companies), you’re in the right place.

Can I buy multiple ads?

We have a variety of placement options available, including customized offerings designed to suit your campaign.

You can buy multiple placements (e.g. at the top of the site, on the side, sponsoring an entire section) for a single brand/ad creative, or multiple creatives across the same ad spaces to increase your reach for different objectives (as long as they’re not too similar, e.g. two ads with your same logo on it and nothing else, as this makes it look like an error – however two ads showing different sets of your products would be totally fine).

You can also buy multiple ad types that will work together to improve your campaign performance (e.g. in-context text ads, banner ads in multiple locations, and a series of boosted social media posts).

We offer discounts for multiple placements & types, as well as for longer terms, and can custom tailor a package to your budget & goals.

Where will my ads appear?

All advertising will appear on, and/or our monthly email Newsletter that goes out to over 42,000 Pro-Touring enthusiasts, and/or directly on our social media accounts (either as a first-party post from us, or sharing your post to our followers).

The exact placements will depend on the package(s) that you choose. Placement option examples are provided when you contact us; you can use the below to contact us about advertising placements & rates, with no obligation.

Will my ads get seen?

All display (banner) ads appear on all pages of the site, so your ads will get seen.

Note that in a placement that rotates (e.g the leaderboard at the top, which is the most prominent and attracts the most attention), it will be shared amongst other advertisers in an equal split.

Also, when you sponsor a section, that includes more ads closer to the content for all posts/threads in that section only, so that you get your brand/product closer to the targeted specific interest/situation you’re looking for.

Text links get shown inside posts when somebody posts the keywords you’ve advertised on, and those show once per post maximum (to avoid over-saturation).

Social media sites have their own algorithms which define just how many people will see the post, but that is a constant throughout any sponsored social media advertising. Our organic reach goes out to a large number of followers, and we offer boosting options within our social media packages to enhance the reach.

How will I be able to evaluate performance?

Just as important as high viewership and low rates,’s effectiveness can be measured, in part, by tracking links that originate from your ad – in other words, your ads on our site, email, and socials, can include your tracking links for your own internal measurement.

We combine that with our own monthly campaign reports sent directly to you, so you can measure performance & spending.

What kinds of ad creatives/banners do you accept?

We have predefined ad sizes that appear throughout the site (which are defined per the package you purchase). Within those sizes, and obviously respecting content guidelines (nothing questionable, must be car-related, must be accurate representations of what’s on the other side of the ad), you are welcome to provide any media in whatever format you like.

Creatives can be animated or still, contain words and/or photos, and we support HTML5 banners as well. We even have advertisers that place videos, but naturally these placements are limited in quantity. While there are loose size restrictions, we can manage optimization on our side without reducing image quality (if there are any issues, e.g. an animation is too heavy, we will revert back to you on the matter; this hasn’t happened yet but page load times are important to maintain SEO rankings and user experience so that more people get to & stay on the site to see your ads, thus we reserve the right to limit file size).

Social media posts will be restricted to sizes that best suit the medium (e.g. Facebook or Instagram), and newsletter sponsorships are more fluid as to the sizing requirements (but need to be images, which can be animated, and can also link to videos).

What if I don’t have a banner ad ready for you already?

As part of our commitment to developing & benefitting the Pro-Touring community as a whole, we go above-and-beyond in the advertising space by offering banner ad design for FREE with your ad purchase, if you don’t already have them available. This includes all ad sizes you purchase.

You must supply your own company logo & any artwork or product photos you want digitally, and we will create it to match your campaign goals (we reserve the right to limit the number of free revisions, but this is only to save us from becoming a graphic design company rather than a Pro-Touring community 😉). Note that making creatives for social media or newsletters may involve a nominal cost depending on complexity.

How can I pay?

We accept EFT (Bank/Wire/ACH transfers), Check (mailed in), PayPal, and Credit Card payments in USD, with the full payment for your advertising term pre-paid upfront.

After selecting your advertising package, we will send you an invoice and secure payment method details. Once payment is complete, we will send through a receipt along with a request for the required details (e.g. ad creatives, links, start dates, etc.) and then get your campaign up & running!

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

We are here to answer all your questions, and of course to support you through to your campaign’s success! You can use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us, or directly via email any time at:

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